Long time lurker, first time commenter. I believe that the importance of humor and irony cannot be overstated. The enemy class has firmly staked out the ground of somberness and seriousness which is an absolute blessing. Please let them have itTry to imagine Don Lemon lor Ibram X. Kendi laughing and what they might laugh at. Do you not pity such a man? I certainly do, almost more than the pity I have for serious Trump-clingers who believe him to be gold and not just gold plating.

I have no keen insight beyond this: if you practice joy and humor, it will become a powerful habit. The two operating modes should be light-heartedness and absolute earnestness, never solemnity unless it is utterly ironic. Yarvin has mastered this magnetic combination and Malice is very close. If we are not having fun, hearts and minds will not be won. Imagine a well-orchestrated march of yoked Vitalists across BLM plaza in full circus clown regalia, drilling in perfect unison with lines of Majorettes wielding 6-foot long bright pink dildos.

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I've been thinking lately, the core principles of a culture or civilization sow the seeds of its own destruction. All else equal, The US can't beat China because the CCP is chiefly concerned with power not principles. They have no qualms with a Uighur concentration camp.

Also, when the ends justify the means you lose any moral high ground and it becomes purely about power. What are we fighting for if we give them up? Just power, and it gives your enemies license discard them as well. You mentioned that you can still hold these values but relax them in pursuit of victory, I hope you are right. If there is ever is a victory.

That said, The establishment already tactically discards rules. And does so seemingly in accordance with the core principle of the meek and unfairly treated being sacred. They have no qualms treating Republicans unfairly because tactically relaxing that rule enables them to seize more power.

I think I'm starting to understand.

Is this a race to the bottom that ends with nothing but the law of the jungle?

When the establishment holds the mic they can punish the conservatives for discarding principles while not having to ever come to terms with their own transgressions. So this still doesn't seem like an effective strategy for victory.

I think it's time to call the moving company.

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Two views. If you are not my friend you are my enemy. Anyone not my enemy is my friend.

We are in the former position. The GOP insists that it is always in the latter. Conservatism has always thought this way, that is why they have always been cowards. This cowardice (the outer party, the managed party) is why they always lose, why we cannot win. They are more of a problem than the left itself in this.

An example, I have long watched on and off two big alt media political pundits. One I hate & one I love, neither of which is on our side. Ben Shapiro & Jimmy Dore. One is left and one is right. Shapiro is left wing, Dore is right wing. Hun? No, oh no. A la Moldbug, who is giving and taking energy from each side. Shapiro is on the back of 70 years keeping the right from moving more right. He, like Cthulhu slowly swims left. Dore, is the opposite of Shapiro. He does not critique the right, just the left, in fact the left has decided he is right wing, he is not. A simple concept, no, ok, I'll make it simpler. Shapiro is in the right, yet he swims left. Dore is on the left, yet he swims right. Now do you see? What matters in politics is not where someone is, but where he's going, kinda like the stock market. I don't know where we all are, but I hope we all see where we are going.

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__On the Future of Conservatism__

Some say that the future of conservatism will be

The GOP as post-leftist revolutionary party

Think youths in Che t-shirts with Dishonored tats

Sporting whitey dreads, lattes and MAGA hats

We're so woke we've gone broke!

Cry the hip young folk

Having stormed the capitol, they turn to institutions

In a ruder-than-Rudi middle-wing revolution

So what about Whiteness studies, look at these teeth

As they gleam with a whiteness that's black underneath

With racism out, but clannishness in

And a post-Christian soul that vanquishes Sin

This is a generation called Millennial, contrarian

But turning to be more po-faced, Millenarian

It's time for Hope, and for Hoppe, and for Change

And for Bitcoin to be our medium of exchange

To be a young person in 2021

Is like owning a tiger 'cause you can't own a gun

So out with the old, and in with the new

It's the politics of profit from saying "Fuck you!"

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I'm digging this with my Sunday morning coffee, man,...tactical nihilism, yeah absolutely, makes a lot of sense but who are we talking about here? Anyone reading Big Curts Substack (BCSx) working their way up the ranks of a Cathedral prestige institution - no interns at Brookings here? Anyone on here crazy or dumb enough to be active in their county republican party? You look at the redpill part of the world - I'm seeing a lot of transgressive idiots, new age QAnoners and Trump dead-enders - there are a handful of people - BCSx, Mike Malice, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, a few others, but institutions or politics, I just don't see it - for me its keep reading, keep watching, keep your mouth shut and head down the next few years - if this is the Sovietization of dissent under the new old regime, the next few years ain't going to be pretty or have many open doors out there for positive movement, the best shot I see isn't anything "we" do - its overreach and incompetency by the cathedral and perhaps some dumb luck - we can thrive as individuals and families and small communities, we can work to make some small changes to culture and for the near future that's about it at least in the US - am I missing something?

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Depends highly on whatever constitutes "post leftism". One cannot use the ring of Sauron against him. It is designed to serve one end. A leftist can defeat a leftist but a leftist cannot defeat leftism.

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'If you regard the methods of your victory as evil, you will not win' - don't remember who said that and it's entirely likely that I'm butchering the quote. Overall getting strong 'Meditations on Moloch' vibes from this post.

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Axe the Super, save Squiggles, burn the building down.

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One related issue here is that the Right is currently hobbled by its constant need to police its right wing. The Left has no such problem. At worst, Left wing extremism is ignored (Che is on T-Shirts; Bill Ayers is at Columbia); at best, the Left uses its extreme wing in a “good cop, bad cop” routine to manipulate normies into doing what it wants. Take the Capitol situation: the mainstream Right couldn’t fall over itself with denunciation and apology more if it tried. If there is to be a “post-Left revolutionary party,” how does the Right overcome this two-front war?

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Whataboutism itself falls into this category, ie it's only whataboutism when it's attacking my side and it's valid criticism when directed at the other side. A new revolutionary GOP must simultaneously expose the insincerity of the priests while not appearing as an equally insincere alternative. Civil Rights era demonstrations were excellent at this, forcing the enemy to be the aggressor while genuinely being peaceful in most cases, e.g. sit ins. Antifa attempts to ape this by actually provoking cops, doesn't really work as well with cell phones around.

Don't focus on hypocritical belief systems, doesn't work. Owning true believer libs really only preaches to the choir. Focus on hypocritical priests, and always punch up. Ragging on antifa larpers confirms the belief that they have that antifa is fighting the power.

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Was it a rubicon who once said: “ I wanted to find out then and quickly whether I was a louse like everybody else or a man. Whether I can step over barriers or not, whether I dare stoop to pick up or not, whether I am a trembling creature or whether I have the right”?

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1. The answer is certainly not to form a party of political atheists. People hate atheists.

2. I don’t think that the question of the prime directive is something that can or should be brushed aside

3. Non-violence or, at the very least, NAP has to be at the core

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I totally agree and feel the change in the air.

Democrats - all socially woke people will align regardless of economic policy including those who support “democracy” abroad

Republicans - all of us who believe in a nationstate, liberty and the four freedoms restoring community

And historically I’m a Democrat but things are weird now

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How do you win a war when the enemy is nihilism itself ? My thinking is I'd rather lose the war for the values I cherish than win and have nothing left. Victory for its own sake doesn't make me feel good.

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I’m not sure I know what a “post-leftist revolutionary party” is? Guess: post-leftist = non-woke defected leftist. Revolutionary party = idk really but I guess literally just a revolutionary party aimed at unseating power. Or is it more of an appeal to a teaming up of post-leftists and current GOP? Am I on the right track?

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For me, I think the hardest part is that I try so very, very hard to be even handed. I would go so far as to say I take pride in being even handed.

So when someone, especially someone I love, blantanly disregards their own rules, it wounds me. It's like, why am I even putting so much energy into being fair and even handed.

Their perpetual thumb on the scales is contempt for balance itself.

I shouldn't care, but not caring is hard. The reality is that I'm probably addicted to another drug, not the political heroin leftists take or moldbugs clear pill.

Its a work in progress, but I can get to not caring eventually.

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