Curtis has been called out by Nick Land in “Cold Anarchy”, a new essay. Land asserts that Curtis’ repeated warnings not to provoke the US regime by word or deed has in effect “domesticated” and neutered him. (Thus his recent preoccupation with institution design, a kind of fiddling while Rome burns, Land into lies). Consider the challenge to duel delivered, Mr. Y.

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Apr 4, 2022·edited Apr 4, 2022

What is the motivation to hold a governance token? Forgive me if I missed something. Does the token represent some kind of ownership of the organization?

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My lord, I understand that engagement is a significant step, and yet not the final commitment nor promise that it seems from either party. It hasn't begun until the fat lady sings. I believe it too early for you divulge much detail, but upon your wedding ceremony, you absolutely must spill the beans! How did you meet? How wonderful and worthy is she in what ways? This all seems so sudden, how were you so positive that you were not rushing into something foolhardy? Please sir, the peasants demand an exposition when the time comes!

PS The flowery prose and faux titles of fealty are totally gay RP'ing, let's be real. But it's kind of hilarious and I like looking the part, acting it out. It'll be nice one day to act in conformity and dedication to a leadership I actually trust. Plus the capes and ermine will be pretty sweet.

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The only part of the OAO I have trouble seeing in real life is the crypto-military, for reasons others have posted. My question is why does it have to be crypto weapons to ensure loyalty? How did monarchies thwart coups in the past without crypto swords? If monarchies are the oldest and most successful form of government, there are many other more practical solutions.

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Would you mind turning comments on for Butterfly Trump Revolution?


Allow me the grace to comment here; to begin no one with military training and especially experience will register or share this with any political movement- this world also include the police (like State and CIA these are usually same people, same families, blood relatives, clusters of families over generations). That takes all the real muscle off the table.

The proposal doesn’t rise to the level of seriousness to justify the risk.

Which brings us to the former voters - we’ll see in the fall but I’ll guess they won’t bother. We are all Fred Reed now.

Its not worth the grief.

In a struggle where will is a factor you have to want it more, as opposed to not wanting it at all= Dodo 🦤 🇺🇸 Americanus.

This presumes that elites have not set off nuclear war in a sort of arson insurance scheme to rid themselves of their domestic enemies. They seem to be trying hard.

So you may want to accept war whether you desire it or No~ for the Elites desire war and always get what they want.

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Great thing about an OAO is that it can be the design of a regime-in-waiting (see https://graymirror.substack.com/p/the-butterfly-revolution)

Personally though I think the regime-in-waiting should be a state government of a based red state. That would provide the needed tax base and authority.

I'm going to do a poll of Gulf Coast red-states to find which one is most pro-secession. Contact me at admin @ redstatesecession.org if you want to suggest a question for the poll.

Read my response to Curtis Yarvin's black pills here: https://redstatesecession.org/secession-is-the-short-cut-to-right-wing-victory/

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Hoo the luckey wench u engaejung?

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