Your Catholic Conservative is the manifestation of the GOP, and your description of their inability to claim power is certainly right. However, power requires energy as you say, and the Right's energy lies elsewhere.

The Trump administration has seen the birth of a young, hot-blooded right wing movement with utter contempt for the cathedral and utter certainty their place is at the top. Where most want demaaaauucwasy they want caesar. The movement is young and unfocused, for sure, but four more years of optimism and space under Trump would surely see it gestate into maturity.

Where the left's only product is smugness, theirs are aesthetics, discipline, growth, determination, and most importantly vigour. Which of those wins, do you think?

You yourself mention posting physique - so I think you know who I mean.

You and BAP agree on at least one point - that this is now purely a battle of will. He who does not fight for power will not win power, for he will not take the necessary means to sieze it. This is why they - and I - will support Trump with all our energy until the end. Because conceding must not be in our playbook.

This does not mean Biden's victory would be final, far from it. Inevitably, the truth will out, and Chad will have dominion over Jim. What I am saying is they grow as big and strong under Trump's leadership - real or imagined - as they do on raw eggs and grass-fed beef.

Ave Imperator!

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Trump Jr. posted about declassifying everything on Twitter just about an hour ago. I just want to say to any Cathedral-associated entities that everything posted here is satire. In fact everything I've ever done is satire unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Dear Sir: As you know the Left will of course take your advice and debride us.

However it's always important to focus on enemy capabilities, not intentions.

The Left would inflict the Holodomor on America if it could, it cannot.

It will instead continue to practice a sort of sadistic, pornographic Jesuitism and minor tyrannies such as the face mask, etc, etc...

Your analysis in particular of the Right is absolutely correct.

I wonder if you understand that is a true reflection of their voters.

We are not only missing map and General, we are missing a nation.

Those of us who are sworn to the parchment are the inverse of Pakistan; Pakistan is an army that has a country. We are an army that has no country. I mean army in the spiritual sense of sworn to the parchment and being so retrogressive as to actually mean it. Our problem and I admit my problem is we cannot free a nation that is half Vichy Milice, the other half bovine.

You are also correct as regards the Carnival Barker. America needs a junkyard dog and thought we'd elected one but he's a barker not a biter. He'll pay for his squeamishness for the rest of his life as will anyone foolish enough to have worked for him in any capacity at all.

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"A firm rule must be imposed upon our nation before it destroys itself. The United States needs some theology and geometry, some taste and decency. I suspect that we are teetering on the edge of the abyss."

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Moldybutt is a gentle Dom that works the linguistic whip of power to the utmost satisfaction of his paypigs. With every slow and controlled whip on the paypig's back, they squeal with excitement. Waiting for the next essay to drop.

Thanks folks, I'll be here next week.

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"Therefore, it is simply impossible for the progressive movement to generate anything like the energy it generated in the ’60s. The whole Obama experience, in particular, is a major downer.


It is just not exciting to be a mainstream left-wing activist. The lifestyle is grim and boring."

-Mencius Moldbug, The New Structure, 2009

One suspects there may be something missing in Yarvin's model of how the left responds to nominal power.

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Sober analysis. Any thoughts about what the peasants should actually do with their ambition and energy?

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This might be the smartest political analysis I have ever read. Glad I didn't find until now, because the short term things predicted in the article have actually happened, lending credibility to the whole analysis. Wish I had the type of friends I could sit down with and discuss the many wisdoms in this.

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If your Catholic Conservative was Rod Dreher, he doesn't have the chops to plan.

Tho oddly enough, it was he and not Alasdair MacIntyre who was 100% right about the economic development of Monasteries in their Benedict Option debate.

MacIntyre (because like all doomers, he hates it when anyone proposes a solution) incorrectly asserted that monasteries only developed as economic power houses because they were located in towns. Which is crazy fake history.

The monasteries came first. The towns developed around them.

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See, I believe that the reason that Republicans don't seek power is because we don't believe that political power is the answer to "the meaning of life, the universe and everything."

But our Democratic friends know that with just a little more political power they can finally bend the arc of history towards justice.

Back in the day if you invaded the land next door you could loot it, kill the men and sell the women into slavery. Yay! But now food-growing land doesn't matter. And looting the chap next door doesn't really make you richer. What you need is for him to work and trade with you.

In my view, the Age of Revolution was over 150 years ago, and the Bolsheviks proved it a century ago.

In my view the Age of Politics is over too, because power is over. One proof is climate change. If we have to give our rulers power to save us from frying a century from now, then I gotta bridge to sell you. Another proof is women-in-politics. Women have a Culture of Complaint, and wearing white dresses at the SOTU. So if politics is reduced to complaining and a fashion show, it must really be past its sell-by date.

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Is Yarvin serious? This is like sitting in March 1917 and reading "Nothing will speed up. All the gas in the Bolshevik tank was coming from the tsar. Now that Kerensky is in, no one has anything to fear or hate. No threat could ever be as exciting as an autocratic ruler."

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Do you know this is the best prescriptions you've ever given. The shortest as well.

I hope you know all these things will come to pass, almost certainly under Harris/Google/Biden.

My own analysis is the Dems now have a canine by the tail. If the canine remains the bitch cur it's been in the past and never more than this year...they have wagered correctly.

If the canine turns Wolf....

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"The President has exactly one unilateral power which is dangerous to the regime: the power to declassify"

Does he now? Just as he is the 'Commander in Chief', and thus has the 'power' to throw a dart at a map of the middle east and order all the troops stationed there to drop everything and board the next flight of C-130s bound for CONUS? As well as the right to prosecute any General who even looks like he's going to defy a perfectly lawful order under UCMJ?

Haven't we learned enough yet from our 4-year long crash-course in 'applied Executive power'?

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"Once as the Trump administration is over, no one has anything to fear or hate. No threat could ever be as exciting as the racist rapist in the White House. No Malibu hausfrau will ever again feel like she is in the French Resistance. After Prohibition, breweries could still sell nonalcoholic beer. This is journalism after Trump."

But first the ruling elites and their acolytes among us will feed off of the Trumpites for a little while, as evidenced by the media and Democrats' reaction to the rabble who dared to breach the Capitol the other day. They are "insurrectionists" who attempted a "coup", according to Jake Tapper & Co. They will substitute for Trump himself as the focus of the rulers' outrage for the foreseeable future.

That may all eventually turn out to be quite pathetic and disappointing to the rulers and their henchpersons (Trumpites, of course, are not nearly as dangerous and threatening as the ruling class likes to portray them--those people were thrilled to take selfies at Nancy Pelosi's desk, which is a far cry from trying to hijack the gov't), but I can see them spending the next four years demonizing those people 24/7 if they see that even an ounce or two of that juice will keep their power supply going for just a little longer.

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I am chastised. I will defer to your expertise here.

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“As for the so-called “power of the purse,” it doesn’t mean much against the power of the Fed. Since the Federal Reserve is part of the executive branch, who needs a Congressional appropriation? Lol owned.“

Love this stuff

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