One quibble. This does seem to gloss over Trudeau's invocation of emergency powers. Suspending habeus and at least temporarily confiscating peoples' assets from banks is really letting the mask slip. That's not something that happens every day.

Very few of the normies that I discussed were willing to defend that. The comparison to last summer's riots was inducing some heavy cognitive dissonance. It was fun to watch them squirm.

That said, it does appear that no one cares anymore. Canada had a dictator for a few days and now it can quietly go back to having one of the highest Democracy Indices as calculated by The Economist, or whatever. It is, in the end, a pretty big black pill.

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So the declaration of emergency powers by Trudeau (Acting front man for the oligarchy) is actually a quite logical and smart move for the oligarchy to drain the energy from its two primary rivals for power, the mob (democracy) and the autocrat (monarchy). By making it look as Trudeau was the embodiment of a Evil Monarch, it serves the purpose of having the two go after each whilst the oligarchy only consolidates power quite nicely. It’s also interesting to see how mainstream media just love these “democracy” vs “dictator” narratives… it’s because they know it only preserves their power and is not threat.

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To be fair though, Habeus gets suspended a lot. I still remember reading when Lincoln did it and no one batted an eye.

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Trucker activism may be just cope but between the freezing of assets, threatening to take away their children, and now the United States freezing Russian assets abroad I believe Western Governments to be accelerating the understanding of the Kulaks for the need of decentralization.

We don't need a top down revolution in order to increase the utility and ubiquity of crypto. I have now come to understand Curtis's advocacy for the Benedict option. Build your own social networks and contribute to the Cathedral in the least amount that you possibly can.

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What is the point in supporting Curtis?

I have been a devotee for more than 10 years. He redpilled me. I blackpilled myself & then he offered the clear pill. Unfortunately - for me - I swallow these pills, but they don't always stay down. QED - the Freedom Convoy.

Having taken Curtis' counsel, I have stayed mostly apolitical/passive. But, I'm ginning for a fight. I want to make a difference. Yes - I'm a power hungry beast. So, I heard about the Convoy. I followed live YT streams. I contributed $. Not just to the content providers, but also to the Convoy. Alas, I'm probably on both a Canadian & American watchlist now. For What?

I find Curtis' recounting of the events devastating. To my ego - yes. But also to the idea of that the People will ever get a better government. I bought into what I thought was finally some good flexing - economic interference. Yet, Curtis is right. Without follow through, this just leads to more power captured by the oligarchy.

So this leaves me wondering - what is a peasant to do? I'm bourgeois, but you get my point.

We can't effectuate change. Do I keep my subscription because one day Curtis will reach some Julius Caesar amongst us?

And, Curtis talks about the cummies, but isn't that exactly what he's doing by going on Alex Jones (where he was excellent btw)? Curtis seems to be ignoring his own advice by taking on the ruling class when he's not powerful enough to change the regime.

I guess I'm just wondering what the point of this whole venture is if we accept Curtis' conclusions that any anti-government activism will catch Sauron's eye & will be immediately crushed. Isn't a subscription to his substack also a cummie?

I love Curtis' writing. I'll always credit him for changing my views on the neocon cabal. I don't know where to go from here. If a future monarch is not informed by some of the peasants actions, then I don't see the point in following Curtis or the truckers or any political movement.

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Respect the grift.

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Curtis is so gifted I would never assume pure grift, but continuing to read his stuff for the lulz seems pointless.

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I'm going to cooment. I'm coomenting.

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From a strictly tactical point of view I think the Truckers and their crew should have stayed a few days, when a few of the provincial governors lowers some Covid restrictions - they should have held a press conference, declared victory and gone home - this is a long fight - they lost because they stayed too long - bruise Trudeau and Co., mint a few more 'red pilled canucks' and go on to the next challenge - Curtis is right - Trudeau, etc. are embolden, not humbled, the Liberals would still have a parlimentary majority, the trucker gang leaders have been disempowered - bad mistakes all around - however - with Curtis's larger point, which he's made before is basically -'don't have an anti-regime protest unless you can overthrow the government' seems a bit much - again these protests and actions can work to build momentum if its done quick and tactically smart...

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Canada has started to ease travel restrictions. The needle moved a little in the direction of the truckers. Obviously nothing like the RPMs on a BLM protest, but still.

Democracy is not toothless. Trump was elected, and over his term net immigration, pre-Covid, dropped to half of Obama's last year. Dropped in every Trump year, despite a booming economy. Went up in every Obama year save one. Ask the Census Bureau website about net immigration, they'll tell you.

Trump hired Stephen Miller, Miller found allies in ICE and the Border Patrol and went to work. Just as a fair slice of the electorate stands with the oligarchy, a piece of the bureaucracy is ready to betray their class and back the plebes.

As a lazy man, I'd love to be convinced there's nothing to do but turn everything over to a monarch. I don't wanna march. Please. But I have to face facts and reluctantly admit "you CAN make a difference." Sigh. Some wars are democratic industrial trench wars, unfortunately. Off to Flanders fields.

Again, happy to change my mind.

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But. The truckers weren't trying to mount a revolution. It was the ruling class that decided that. I wonder why?

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Yarvin on Alex Jones rocks! This is the first time I see Yarvin with someone who might just be crazier, and Yarvin seems to know it! Priceless episode that restarts my momentum with the very hard to find Yarvin.

Substack supporters need to be searching YouTube for Curtis Yarvin, and sort as newest, this month, etc.; as quite a few podcast interview appearances have gone unmentioned on Substack. Maybe due to not knowing exactly when each podcast will first and eventually appear among different podcast hosts?

The delayed comments is old news already, not so good. "WWIII" has started since the Truckers were the biggest news, more than a week ago. Golly!

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There are a couple Youtube playlists with all of his appearances over the last two years.

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There is one constituency that he does not mention. The learners. Sure, these are spectacles that in a way empower the system, but they also provide evidence of what doesn't work. Test rockets. Evidence can be valuable if it receives uptake. In the arch of history, the learners may matter too. Rocket science wasn't built in a day.

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The real lesson in power is the Ukraine media onslaught of the past dozen weeks. Has there ever been anything like it?--anything so relentless, so punishingly repetitious, so instantaneously successful in imposing and reimposing the chosen "narrative", so surefooted in assigning parts from which there could be no escape. (Consider Putin who has fought the war with remarkable restraint, obviously mindful of civilian casualties and the assumed bad press. He appears not to understand the satanic villain role assigned to him--that whether he proceeds by gentlemen's rules or commits genocide makes no difference. The script is written; the war crimes were committed before the war began. He is guilty as charged.).

Indeed, within twenty-four hours of the Russian invasion, Western opinion was already monolithic, an atom's worth of dissent already prohibited--already unthinkable. With the entire West seeing, feeling and speaking as one, the facts not just irrelevant but scrubbed from the show? And it continues--the surreal armies of Russia haters coming in waves (just today, WWE, Formula 1, National Association of Funeral Directors). Any American not driven mad by COVID has succumbed to a new mass infection of foreign policy political correctness and me-too-ism unlike anything we have ever seen. Daily, the American and European population devolve deeper into some alien life form--a collective vegetable that echoes.

Compared to this, Trudeau is a rank amateur, still dependent on physical restraint, closer to the Neanderthal totalitarianism of 1984 or 1965 Moscow than the media thermonuclear cloud of the present.

Does China or Russia pose any real threat to the West as long as they remain this inept at words and images? Right now, they are not. They are dull, club-footed children who need to learn from the masters of the darkly persuasive arts in order to move into the 21st century.

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If this isn’t “turning the dial up to 11,” I don’t know what is. So what’s next, Curtis? Is the capacity limitless after all?

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Uncle Yarv I was dismayed to find that there was no light hearted intro montage of you and AJ laughing and talking while the song Mr Jones by Counting Crows plays in the background. Can you send my notes to the Info Wars team?

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Wouldn't it be 1/500th rather than 1/1000th?

(Maybe I'm wrong; I work in finance)

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The main problem I have with this post is CY essentially dismisses the truckers are toothless larpers, but movements have to start somewhere. You have to have instances of disruption, even if fleeting and ultimately quashed, to layout a path for more significant disruptions. I think the truckers moved the needle enough, and they certainly red pilled a lot of people.

On that last point, people in online circles such as this substack tend to think there's no hope for most normies, but most normies need something to hit close to home to come to certain realizations. Maybe arbitrary, damaging Covid rules or a summer of riots endorsed by the media won't totally do it, but maybe the idea of having your bank account frozen will raise some normie eyebrows.

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Is not Solzhenitsyn more an expert than Saint-Just? He said to take action. If the regime is in flux, everyone looks to everyone else for what to do. As an aside, can anyone deny the physiognomy match between the Coomer and think tank directing, environment impact assessing son of the Gulag'd himself: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/person/stephan-solzhenitsyn. I mean seriously do a side-by-side comparison and ask does this man (and his ilk) not relish his cummies an order of magnitude more than the hoodied and baseball capped convoyeurs?

The regime does poison the interaction between those they need governed and those they send to govern them - the truckers convinced a large portion of the most pro-police part of the population that "the police hate the flag." By this time next year a Mounty may be required by law to visibly kneel during O Canada before his son's peewee hockey game in some rural exurb (out of respect for Native rights of course). To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy - if your logistics network is in a cold war against your police force - you might just be a third world country. This is bad if your aim is uniparty statist rule. It's also bad if you live there.

The sui generis of a cop is to growl until you move along. And in this case, not one NGO, politician, celebrity, not even a GiveSendGo would send a single champion. The legitimate ruler made a pronouncement of Racism Inbound and fled the capital. Surely as a cop you get a sense of how your superiors would like this handled? And yet for four weeks all existing police structures stood down and the issue kept getting bumping up the chain of command from precinct to city to province, and up to national level, with normally reliable allies passing the buck upwards to the top. They made the leader ask his party, his assemblies, and the world really, if he had the power to move the trucks. The answer apparently was only if he used the red button which he may/may not be allowed to push.

Ultimately, the leader was found to have the [temporary, emergency] power to Move The Trucks. Read that sentence again; the power to enforce traffic law was found to be at the edge of his conceivable power. If you ask the people for unprecedented emergency powers and they say anything less enthusiastic than "Please take more, you're being too timid" than you probably didn't do it right. Do you recognize how unpopular a cause it is for tow truck repo companies, who make their livelihood from their relationship with the local police force, to be federally compelled to tow a truck from blocking an intersection?

Unlike Charlottesville where the entire operation was over in hours, this went on for weeks. From four hours to four weeks: this is even better progress than MuskX made between launches. We're gonna have to find a way to make it four months before we get another four years.

The Saxon does have a count and everyone knows it, they post it daily in 100 point font on a tall sign in every town in the country. The Saxon's enemies know this well too and notice this is one bad thing they will never stridently declare the Saxon deserves - to pay more at the pump. And it's a tricky situation because it's only the Saxon, and his truck, that can make the number go back down.

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Anyone ever see the movie Dodgeball? It's pretty clear that any attempt by the plebs to demonstrate anything or even complain to the pos will be met with every conceivable attempt to tear them apart and keep them from "activating" bleh...That said they're coming after them regardless, be it your children or you yourself. What does that have to do with Dodgeball? Well, you're Stephen Root being trained by Rip Tom. Between traffic, wrenches and actual dodgeballs the only thing you can do is not engage and follow the Five D's, Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.

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