Moldbug writes, "Popper, read logically, advises the Nazis to repress the Communists, the Communists to repress the Nazis, the liberals to repress both and both to repress the liberals. From his “open society” he comes all the way around to Hobbes, Schmitt and Machiavelli. Next he will tell us, in Esperanto, that “the earth is nothing but a vast bloody altar.”

Never heard that phase before so I google it:

“In the whole vast dome of living nature there reigns an open violence. A kind of prescriptive fury which arms all the creatures to their common doom: as soon as you leave the inanimate kingdom you find the decree of violent death inscribed on the very frontiers of life. You feel it already in the vegetable kingdom: from the great catalpa to the humblest herb, how many plants die and how many are killed; but, from the moment you enter the animal kingdom, this law is suddenly in the most dreadful evidence. A Power, a violence, at once hidden and palpable. . . has in each species appointed a certain number of animals to devour the others. . . And who [in this general carnage] exterminates him who will exterminate all others? Himself. It is man who is charged with the slaughter of man. . . The whole earth, perpetually steeped in blood, is nothing but a vast altar upon which all that is living must be sacrificed without end, without measure, without pause, until the consummation of things, until evil is extinct, until the death of death.” ― Joseph de Maistre, St Petersburg Dialogues: Or Conversations on the Temporal Government of Providence

Holy shit that is some Cormac McCarthy tier shit right there. I know what I'm reading next.

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You are the best political writer living bar none. Nothing else to add, just wanted to express my admiration

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Can we have a post that is just recommended reading? I'd pay extra for it - and a lot if necessary.

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“You could tell by the way he talked, though, that he had gone to school a long time. That was probably what was wrong with him.”

― John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces

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Thanks Curtis 🧐🎅

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Oy! Too much reality! Give me back my illusions and fantasies!

The basic problem, I think, is that you and I Are Not That Interested in Power.

But lefties, from Robespierre onward, all think that they can save the world with political power. As they make things worse.

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"Popcorn" and "Chicago" will become terms associated like "peanut butter" and "jelly."

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God definitely has a sense of humour.

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I heard Yarvin's recent appearance on Unregistered, and it seems that his main bit of evidence for thinking that the election was stolen was the shift in betting markets. This article from Slate responds to that bit of evidence. I think it's pretty persuasive, but I'm guessing most people here won't. If anyone knows of good evidence against the claims in this article, I'd be very interested!


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Wow. I wasn't expected the crescendo at the end. I choose to see it as positive...

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> The case that might makes right is in fact extremely sound—why not just come out and make it?

Well, duh. Even the dumbest conservacon sees this, even if subconsciously. But they ask, in meekness, should it? They'll ask the same about your new regime. But I guess that doesn't matter. Because you know what's right for them.

Your target audience (excluding the smarties here) is dreaming about a better morality -- childishly and impractically, perhaps -- and you're offering a potential Machiavellian nightmare. It's child abuse.

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Here is what really happened.

Long ago Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart came home from WW2 and decided that would never happen in America; so they decided to make a movie called “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This of course is the postwar founding myth- and for a generation they made it reality. Which wasn’t the reach you think it is, even now most of Heritage America is safe leaving their doors unlocked. I live there, I am surrounded by enormous red rural areas that are same.

It had not only the ring of truth, its power was the High Trust Ring of America, a project of 2000 years beginning with Germania’s Comitatus, extending through Catholic Rome, the church forcing trust by forbidding cousin marriage, Anglo Saxon property rights, Roman Law, and of course the bizzare Christian Doctrine that people have their own intrinsic worth- as opposed to being summed on Spreadsheets.

The Shire you see was built by the Power of this good ring, and it rang true,

(High Trust societies are of course an easy exploit).

But another ring was made, a ring of envy, a ring of hatred, a ring of self loathers revenge.

It was actually forged mainly down the street from Capra’s House, but the appearance at this time was fair, so they were all of them deceived.

The Ring Of Hatred and Envy by the way is not a Ring of Power- just subversion, corruption, deceit - call it the Ring Of Corruption.

But unlike other rings of power, it’s power fades away in sunlight, why the Trolls might be turned to stone. Unlike other rings its creations of orcs, goblins and golems, or perhaps I meant Gollum- these creatures do not obey, oh they destroy , but the Golems can be created by the Ring of Corruption - but not controlled.

Now in the past the forgers of the Rings of Corruption could appeal to the mercy of a Prince, or Emir.

Unfortunately with the destruction of the Church, and the Caliphate that is no longer possible, and the Witch Kings of Georgia , one called Koba by name aren’t too fond of them either.

What to do?

Well...distract, play for time, hope for the best.

I should mention that the written if not screen version of the Shire and the Hobbits had a different outcome.

Our version may be stranger still. You see...those are still Saxons, Celts, Teutons, etc underneath. Take away their dream and they stop being hobbits. They become something else entirely.

Now I’ve read all of UR, all the comments, all ye have scribbled but Urbit code (I have no need to read it,sorry).

Its going to fail, and ...they know. Nice try, but yer in balls deep. Don’t wait too long, tarry not overmuch.

It will happen slow, then very fast.

Good luck.

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