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I’m here because I’m Curtis Yarvin, once known as Mencius Moldbug. You’re here because you want to read and/or comment on drafts of this book I’m working on. When I finish the book, we’ll think of some other excuse.

The mission of Gray Mirror Of The Nihilist Prince is to present a detailed ex nihilo vision of governance in the 21st century. Its content will certainly include some old ideas from my old blog, Unqualified Reservations (2007-13). But UR focused more on the past and the present. The future-oriented material of GM is all-new premium content.

I’ll post new fragments twice a month, and also tape more or less the same texts as podcasts. Except for the first two chapters, all content is subscriber-only. When the book is finished, anyone who subscribed in June 2020 will get a free signed and numbered edition, which may even be worth something in a century or two.

These drafts will be sent to your inbox. You can also read them here. If you forward them, kittens will die. If I violate the sanctity of your email, my kittens will die.

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