"Try just showing it to girls instead—a lot of girls actually love to go to the range."
"Money is the bubble that doesn't have to pop."
"The Fed is actually sending Americans more money than Americans are spending."
"Don't repay loans with more loans."
"The only way for democracy to defeat oligarchy is to elect a monarchy."
"As few people as possible do as little as possible, and get the most results."
Something about Musk and Twitter, at Compact. [Edit: sorry, I know this is paywalled. Trying to get it free.] A podcast with Astral Flight and another…
"Just as every cop bleeds blue, every imperial staffer bleeds purple."
"If someone sent you this link, someone thinks you are looking for something."
"A strategic victory is a victory that makes other victories possible."
In early 2022, the Trump machine has become a kind of weird regime in exile. Is this strange organism learning? Maybe sort of, though so are its…
Tablet posted an essay by me and one about me. Also, I got engaged. Comments are open on the last post.