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Valley Life

Monarchism and fascism today

Some of you are not yet clearpilled

Omicron and governance theater

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Problems of Evil

Effective altruism and Xi Jinping Thought

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Faust Pt. 3


Island of Broken Toys


The Optimist

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The contract of any next regime

The Desert

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Uncle Yarv #0: dating call

Uncle Yarv #15: megalothymia edition

Uncle Yarv #14: anarch edition

Winter in September

Uncle Yarv #13: parenting edition

Uncle Yarv #12: tradwife edition

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Effective altruism

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Comment on Cummings

Uncle Yarv #8: virgin edition

Uncle Yarv #7: art edition

Uncle Yarv #6: effective altruism

Uncle Yarv #5: math edition

Uncle Yarv #4: straight edition

Tarquin and Athena

Uncle Yarv #3: gay edition

Uncle Yarv #2: a softball

Uncle Yarv

If I post about this again, shoot me

In defense of circling, fashion, and my ex

Leftist relationship poison

"Circling" and nerd society


How to govern the libs

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The meaning of Afghanistan


East Coast

Three ways of thinking about covid

For the times they are a-changing

The real Great Reset

You are going to lose

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On banning ideas

As breathing and consciousness return

The Fedcoin experiment

Rise of the neutral company

The self-licking napalm ice cream cone

The inflation economy

There is no AI risk

The frivolity of the pundit right

The Divorce

The Perfect Thing

The Tubmaster


Jennifer Kollmer, 1971-2021

Lost Horses

Censorship: a 21st-century approach

The presentee election

Covid and our strange defeat

End international travel now

The restoration of science

Covid is science's Chernobyl

Killing the ghosts

Political strategy of the 2020s

Glasnost and perestroika

Coriolanus and the conservatives

#6.4: the technology of world domination

If a lion could talk

We don't have to live like this

A speech code for dissidents

Will Wilkinson, the slave of power

The journalist-rationalist showdown

Scott Alexander, the disappointed lover

Glen Weyl, the slave of history

#6.3: engineering the layered order

Why the bums always lose

Austrian economics in the silver market

#6.2: extreme arms control

GameStop, the natural experiment

Donald Trump, the natural experiment

Tech solutions to the tech problem

A brief explanation of the cathedral

Automate your vote

From "whataboutism" to nihilism

On dissidence and sedition

Noah Smith and the market for cruelty

Big tech has no power at all

The political amplifier

America and USG

The resistance and the insurrection

The great coup of 2021

Epitaph for pure wind

Socialism and capitalism are both fake

After 2020, anyone can be a nihilist